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Formerly known as COVID-19 Tutoring, The Every Child Project (TECP) is dedicated to lowering the barrier to access one-on-one academic support for K-12 students across Maryland. We provide online tutoring, especially focused on developing and strengthening foundational skills in core subjects (math, language comprehension/literacy, science and social studies). Through our tutoring program, as well as partnerships with local and state-level educational initiatives, we hope to create an online learning environment that is at once accessible and engaging. 

Our Organization

100,000+ Hours

tutored Since April 2020

250+ Tutees

as of July 2020

200+ Tutors

as of July 2020

How it Works

For Parents and Tutees


1. Register for tutoring hereMake sure to input the correct parent email/phone because your tutor will contact you directly

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2. Your tutor will email/call you to set up an initial meeting time as soon as possible.

For College Students and Tutors


1. Register to be a tutor here. Make sure to input the correct email because we will be in contact with you to take you through our onboarding process.

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2. Search and choose a tutee (or multiple tutees!) in our database. Your decision will be based on availability, subject tutored, and location.

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3. Email your tutee's parent as soon as possible to set up an initial meeting time.

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